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Pointe of Surrender at YOUR SCHOOL

Pointe of Surrender offers dance instruction at YOUR SCHOOL at YOUR location. We have been blessed to serve our community at both public and private schools across the St. Louis area. We look forward to serving YOU. Contact us today.

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Children have busy days just like adults. Pointe of Surrender provides a space for children to decompress, to express, and release through movement, the stresses of their day, their lives for that matter. Our mission is consistent, and that is to help students to find their surrender, their release, & fulfillment through the vehicle of dance. What they truly need, who they truly are, is already inside them. Knowing themselves, believing in themselves, and hoping for themselves is what we inspire in them to help them unlock their treasures.

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To create a happier, healthier generation, community, and world through the art of dance.  POS After School allows us to share our mission aligned and in support with education.

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