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POS is blessed to be a blessing!!

"I was blown away! So delighted that we found this jewel of a studio and staff. God is good!"

Tamica Brooks

"We would like to thank POS Staff for all that you do. All the prayers, words of encouragement, character building, patience, tolerance, and hospitality you give. POS I thank God for you! 

I have witnessed the growth in my grand-daughter because of what is being taught at POS. Yes, an amazing dancer she is becoming but the self-esteem, and self worth is priceless."

Gwen Stewart

"I have to take the time out and send out a huge shout out and THANK YOU to the staff at POS dance studio. We've been coming to the dance studio for 5 years now. Every recital I see, I say that was the best. Then I see the next recital and my mind is blown away. Each show I am blessed and my spirit is lifted. If you all could only hear the comments made while POS DANCE CO dances, or when the kids dance.....OMG! You all are doing an amazing job. I have watched my daughter Nya grow in dance to the point that she is now teaching dance.You all are the best and I won't have my kids dance at any other studio!"

Tara Sweets

"Jaionna and I are blessed to be a part of POS. It is one thing to go to a dance studio to learn only technique, but POS is that and so much more!"

Erika Malone

"I'm so glad I followed God to place my daughter Taylor at POS. She danced with so much joy on Saturday. I appreciate the hard work and dedication and love you all pour into our babies. POS is home away from home for Taylor. I am excited to see everyone grow even the more. Overall, God was glorified from beginning to end."

Natoya Mallet

"Thanks for working with our tiny tots...I know speaking for Agape, I'm so blessed to witness her start from the bottom now she's a dope transformation and I have you all to thank for ...Thank You!"

Penny Henley

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