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Pointe of Surrender is a Christian Dance Competition Team where dancers train both technically and spiritually as they pursue purpose, passion, and destiny in and through the arts. We train in professional dance & theatre, and performance technique. We train spiritually through biblical scripture and principles to help dancers understand who they are, Who's they are, and all of the greatness inside of them that will soon be birthed into the earth! 

Students learn discipline, perseverance, determination, preparation, and so much more! We help them to find confidence, self-esteem, passion, faith, resilience and so much more with God's leading.

Dancers are trained in multi genre's, learn professional technique, choreography, expression, and movement that shifts atmospheres, and sets the standard for generations to come. We prepare our dancers for their future from a wholistic viewpoint. Dancers are equipped for service, performance, and careers in the arts professionally and/or recreationally.

In ALL things our goal is to share the love and light of Christ and to bring God glory on every stage and platform, in our community, our homes and in our everyday lives. 

Let us help your dancer to find their surrender in GOD, and in dance!




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Annice Cunningham

Essence Cunningham

Chandler Ester

Samyah Nalls

Raven May

Brooklyn Hunt

Mya Dukes

Jaiden Eason

Mackenzie Shaw

Shaila Hill

Meadow Hill

Amya Neal

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