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Class Descriptions

Welcome to Pointe of Surrender! We are SO happy to serve you. The following serves as a general guide as to what you can expect your student to learn within specific classes. We look forward to nurturing, developing, training, and guiding your student forward. 

Find Your Surrender in Dance...

Creative Movement (Parent & Me): This is an introduction to the dance world suitable
for ages 2-3. Parents or caregivers participate actively in the class as students play
and learn new ways to move their bodies with ballet, tap, and tumbling-inspired

Tiny Tots: This is an introduction to ballet, tap, and tumbling suitable for ages 3-4.
Students learn independently and focus on building posture, musicality, and spatial

Combo: This is a pre-ballet, tap, and jazz combo class suitable for ages 5-7. Through
fun, discipline, and structure, students are introduced to fundamental dance
concepts and skills such as strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Combo: Ages 8 & up consists of jazz and tap. At this age we separate ballet into a separate hour long class to support fundamental & developmental growth of the dancer. In their combo they continue to progress per their age and stage in core jazz and tap technique.

Ballet I (Beginner): For students who have completed pre-ballet or are ages 8+ and
new to ballet. Students learn the foundations of classical ballet technique and
terminology using basic barre work and center work. This class continues a nurturing
environment with focused attention on proper alignment, placement, and

Ballet II (Beginner/Intermediate): Students will refine classical ballet fundamentals and
build on previously learned techniques in Ballet I. This class will expand barre work in
intensity and duration and introduce more complicated center work as well as
pre-pointe work.

Ballet III/Ballet IV (Intermediate/Advanced): Building on what was learned in Ballet II,
students will solidify their technique with increasingly challenging barre and center
work. This class will focus on connecting technique and artistry and is meant for the
focused and dedicated dancer.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe: This class may be taken only with the permission of the instructor.
Pre pointe exercises will be offered to students that need to further develop and
strengthen the muscles necessary for pointe work. Pointe students gradually build
strength, confidence, and proper placement while on pointe with barre and center
exercises. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each
student’s age, strength, and physical development.

Contemporary/Lyrical: Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Within Lyrical dancers learn more of the story telling aspects of dance through movement.

Hip Hop: Students will learn different styles of hip hop and performance that will help their rhythm, agility, body awareness, coordination, and musicality concerning dance. They will have fun while learning this genre and themselves in the process.

Step: Step uses rhythm and beats as a means of expression. Dancers will grow in rhythm, syncopation, unity of sound and more. The disciplined and intentional sounds made through hand claps and feet stomping drive home a belief, a march, a protest for all to observe. This class uses scriptures as a guide.


Tumbling: This class works flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and much more. Students will learn fundamentals of tumbling and have the opportunity to develop into the acro stage of tumbling as they strengthen and exact their skills. Students are safely spotted while learning, conditioning exercises are worked to prepare student for skills, and proper equipment is used during execution.

Cheer/Pom: Pom focuses on combined dance technique such as jazz, turns, leaps etc, and cheer focuses on stunting, tumbling and “cheer” dance performances as well as sideline cheers. Students will learn elements and fundamentals of both.

Musical Theatre: Musical theatre is a genre of drama that is very stylistic and uses a variety of theatrical and dance technique to accomplish artistic expression. Dancers will learn both fundamentals of dance and theatre in this class, and will learn to successfully put them together to tell their story.

Liturgical/Praise: Dancers will explore and embrace dance as praise and worship unto God with both biblical and technical foundations to support. This class will sharpen dancers in mind, body, and spirit. We will introduce and develop core dance styles and foundations as we move through choreography that is both and is expressive of the heart of God.

Prophetic/Flags & Banners: Dancers will take a deeper dive into prophetic ministry. This course will help dancers to discover the gift within and learn to nurture the same with the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Text Books are required for this course. Dancers will receive a higher level of biblical foundation and spiritual insight to understand the position and condition of Prophetic, Worship, & Warfare Dance. We train on Kingdom Keys such as instruments, banners, colors, garments, and more. Training & Activation will produce dancers who move as GOD SPEAKS in life and on the dance floor.

Mime/Modern: Dancers will learn expression and emotion through the face, and body. They will learn the intricate nature and detailed required engagement needed to successfully tell a story/communicate a message with clarity of motion and picture. In mime, makeup paints a blank canvas so the dancer/artist can become what the message is. You become the message/story. There is less focus on the actual person and primary focus on the storyline. Modern is a more fluid form of what mime is purposed to be. Modern dance is more theatrical and uses many different styles to express. Most dance paints a picture, in mime your movement and interpretations IS the picture.

Turns/Leaps: This class focuses on core foundations of turns and leaps from the aspect of ballet & jazz positions and concept. This class is for dancers who would like to strengthen their skills and consistency in turns and leaps. Ballet class is recommended in conjunction with this class. Ballet foundations must be in place for proper growth and development.





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